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Terms and Conditions

Booking Policies of Gringo Bills

Booking Process

In order to make a reservation with us, the primary guest must be at least 16 years old. The maximum number of guests allowed per room can be found in the room occupancy details on our website. If the person making the reservation is different from the primary guest who will be staying, the person making the reservation may be held responsible for cancellation, no-show, and any damages as outlined below.

Only the primary guest and the individuals included in the reservation are permitted to use the property and its facilities. Any third-party visitors may access the property only with our explicit permission.

To confirm a booking, we require a deposit to be paid in advance. The specific amount of the deposit is indicated on the website. The deposit must be in the form of cleared funds before the booking can be confirmed. Deposits are refundable only under the conditions specified below.

Payments can be made online, over the phone using a debit or credit card, or through digital bank transfer, cheque, or cash deposit. The lead guest is responsible for reimbursing us for any charges incurred by our banks for handling dishonoured cheques, bank transfers, or other payments within seven (7) days of receiving a request to do so.

All guests are expected to respect the privacy and tranquility of other staying guests, neighbors, and property owners at all times. We reserve the right to cancel a booking immediately if guests fail to comply with this agreement or cause disturbance or nuisance to other guests, neighbors, or property owners.

Check-in & Check-out

Guests must check-in and check-out by the times stated below;

  • Check-in by: 14:00pm and before 19:00pm on day of arrival
  • Check-out by: 11:00am on day of departure

Cancellation, Returned Deposit & Non-Arrival Conditions

If a guest needs to cancel a booking, we kindly request that they contact us at the earliest convenience. Please note that deposits that have already been paid will only be refunded based on the following conditions:

  • Cancellation made 15 days or more in advance of arrival date = Full deposit refund
  • Cancellation made 14 days or less of arrival date = 50% of deposit refund
  • Cancellation made 48hrs or less of arrival date = No refund issued, full amount of booking due

Guests who do not arrive or are unable to attend their booking, for any reason, will forfeit the deposit they have paid, and the full amount of the booking will be required. We recommend that guests consider obtaining appropriate holiday/cancellation insurance, if necessary.

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel your booking, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for circumstances that are beyond our control. Our liability to you will be limited to refunding any payments you have already made.

WiFi Fair & Appropriate Usage Policy

When there is availability of WiFi Internet connectivity, guests are required to utilize it in a just and suitable manner. We retain the prerogative to oversee the performance of the network and the usage patterns of users to guarantee a just and superior service for all guests.

The Internet access provided is intended for general purposes, encompassing the utilization of the World Wide Web, electronic mail, communication, social media, and streaming of light video, music, and other media. It is not designed or ideally suited for extensive streaming of media, online gaming, or large-scale downloading or uploading. Engaging in illicit activities or exploiting our network for unauthorized purposes is strictly forbidden and any such activities will be promptly reported to the relevant authorities.

Damages & Lost Property

We retain the right to hold the lead guest responsible for any damages incurred during their booking by any member of their group. This includes any breakages, spillages, stains, damage to furniture, fixtures, or fittings. It is important to report any accidental damages as soon as possible to minimize further damage and associated costs. In the event of lost keys, fobs, or access cards, there will be a replacement charge per item lost.

If any lost property is discovered and found after guests have checked out, we will keep it for a period of one month. While we will make our best efforts to reunite lost items with their owners, we are not liable for replacing lost belongings. We encourage guests to ensure they have all their belongings before checking out. If necessary, we may offer to send lost items through recorded delivery, at the expense of the property owner, or alternative arrangements for collection can be made.


Guests are permitted to smoke tobacco products, such as cigarettes, pipes, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, cigars, snuff, or chewing tobacco, only in designated areas that are clearly marked throughout the premises. This policy aligns with the regulations outlined in the Health Act of 2006.

Pets & Service Dogs

We do not accept pets throughout the accommodation, except for service dogs. / We accept well behaved dogs for the additional fee of £x per dog, to a maximum of 2 dogs.


Where on-site parking is provided guests accept that they park their vehicles at their own risk.


It is essential to pre-register all guests in the Guest Register showing their identity with a valid document (DNI for Peruvians and visitors from the Andean Community and/or passport for the rest of the world).

When registering at Gringo Bills you will be asked for a credit card to cover incidentals and/or consumptions during your stay. When you leave Gringo Bills, the guest can decide whether he/she wants the charges to be made to his/her credit card or pay in cash.

Gringo Bills check-in time starts at 14:00hs. Depending on the availability of spaces, we can accept to check-in earlier. We would appreciate if requests are made in advance by the Reservation team, to organize ourselves better.

It is only allowed to check-in 01 child up to 11 years of age, without cost in the same room as the parents.

This child has the right to breakfast. In case the child is over the indicated age, the guest will have to pay the extra bed concept, the cost of which will be informed at Reception.

It is not allowed that the rooms are occupied by a greater number of guests at the maximum capacity of each room, according to type. In case the number of guests exceeds said capacity, they will be accommodated in another additional room, depending on the availability of spaces and at an additional cost. This information will be provided by Reception at the time of check-in.

It is important to keep in mind that pets are not allowed in the hotel, due to hygiene. If your travel with your dog or other pets, please write at our email


The designated check-out time is 10:00 hrs. However, subject to room availability, guests may request a complimentary extension of the check-out time. We recommend making such requests at least one day prior to departure at the Reception.

Guests are responsible for ensuring they take all their belongings with them upon check-out. In the event of any forgotten items, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Notifying the intermediary in exchange for the reservation about the forgotten belongings.
  • Sending an email notification to the guest regarding the forgotten items.

If there is no response from the guest, Gringo Bills  will keep the forgotten belongings for a period of 90 days, after which they will be donated to a charitable cause.

BILLING: Guests have the right to request an update on their billing status at any point during their stay at Gringo Bills. Such requests should be made through the Reception.

Guests may also request a proof of payment for the services they have directly paid or covered.

If the accommodation has been paid for through an intermediary, the billing process will be handled by the respective intermediary. It is important to note that intermediaries typically only cover the accommodation service. Any additional food services require a separate reservation.

Gringo Bills  reserves the right to request payment for services rendered and will provide timely notice to the guests.

Payments for services can be made using credit/debit cards or cash. Other forms of payment may be accepted at the discretion of the establishment.

If guests choose to pay in cash, please be aware that payments can be made in the local currency (at the prevailing exchange rate) or in US Dollars. Please ensure that US Dollar bills are in good condition, as banks, financial institutions, and shops in Peru do not accept torn, crumpled, or stained bills.

In the event of a guest’s economic insolvency at the time of billing, the establishment is authorized to retain the guest’s belongings as collateral until the accommodation payment is settled.

As per Peruvian tax laws, Peruvian citizens (and foreigners staying in Peru for more than 59 days) are required to pay an additional 18% General Sales Tax.

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